Urology 2017: State of the Art, 39th Annual Bunts-Hackler Urology Conference


Sammy Elsamra, MD Sammy Elsamra, MD

Urologic Oncologist and assistant professor of surgery in the Division of Urology at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Specializing in urologic surgery, laparoscopic urologic surgery, percutaneous renal surgery, prostate cancerr, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer.

W. Marston Linehan, MD W. Marston Linehan, MD

Chief and Senior Investigator, Urologic Oncology Branch, NIH National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research.

Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD

The Paul Bunn Professor and Director of the NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Colorado. Professor of Surgery and Pharmacology and Attending Urologic Oncologist, Dr. Theodorescu manages an active translational molecular biology lab focused on identifying the molecular mechanisms leading to bladder and prostate cancer metastasis.

Willie Underwood, MD, MPH, MSci Willie Underwood, III, MD, MPH, MSci

Associate Clinical Director, Roswell Park Cancer Institute Referring Physician and Patient/Family Experience Initiatives, and Associate Professor in the Department of Urology, Office of Cancer Health Disparities Research; Clinical Associate Professor of Urology at Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomeidcal Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo and Assistant Professor of Health Behavior, University of Buffalo, School of Public Health.


Previous Keynote Speakers:
Listed chronologically, earliest to most recent:
John Hutch, M.D. (San Francisco, CA)
Willet Whitmore, Jr., M.D. (New York, NY)
Thomas Stamey, M.D. (Stanford, CA)
Hardy Hendren, M.D. (Boston, MA)
James Glen, M.D. (Durham, NC)
F. Brantley Scott, M.D. (Houston, TX)
William Fair, M.D. (St. Louis, MI)
George Prout, M.D. (Boston, MA)
John Duckett, M.D. (Philadelphia, PA)
John Donohue, M.D. (Indianapolis, IN)
Alan Wein, M.D. (Philadelphia, PA)
Donald Griffith, M.D. (Houston, TX)
E. Darracott Vaughan, Jr., M.D. (New York, NY)
Terry Allen, M.D. (Dallas, TX)
Louis Denis, M.D. (Belgium)
David McCullough, M.D. (Winston-Salem, NC)
Stuart Howards, M.D. (Charlottesville, VA)
John Woodard, M.D. (Atlanta, Georgia)
Richard Middleston, M.D. (Salt Lake City, UT)
Scott McDougal, M.D. (Boston, MA)
David Barrett, M.D. (Rochester, MI)
Mark Soloway, M.D. (Miami, FL)
Ronald Lewis, M.D. (Rochester, MN)
Arnold Belker, M.D. (Louisville, KT)
Louis Kavoussi, M.D. (Baltimore, MD)
Sender Herschom, M.D. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Paul Schellhammer, M.D. (Norfolk, VA)
Andrew C. Novick, M.D. (Cleveland, OH)
Howard Snyder, III, M.D. (Philadelphia, PA)
William D. Steers, M.D., F.A.C.S. (Charlottesville, VA)
Kenneth W. Angermeier,  M.D. (Cleveland, OH)
Keith Van Arsdalen, M.D. (Philadelphia, PA)
Leonard Gomella, M.D., F.A.C.S. (Philadelphia, PA)
Jihad Kaouk, M.D. (Cleveland, OH)
John Delancey, M.D. (Ann Arbor, MI)
Gary Lemack, M.D. (Dallas, TX)
Lawrence E. Einhorn, M.D. (Indianapolis, IN)
Joel Sheinfeld, M.D. (New York, NY)

Peter R. Carroll, M.D. (San Francisco, CA)
Judd W. Moul, M.D. (Durham, NC)
Thomas F. Kolon, M.D. (Philadelphia, PA)
Lane S. Palmer, Jr., M.D. (NY, NY)
H.G. Rushton, Jr., M.D. (Washington, DC)
Kurt A. McCammon, M.D. (Charlottesville, VA)
Peter A. Pinto, M.D. (Bethesda, MD)
Craig G. Rogers, M.D. (Detroit, MI)
Jinxing Yu, M.D. (Richmond, VA)

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