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image VCU Health Division of Urology 2017 Graduation Dinner



Andrew Colhoun, MD

Andrew Colhoun, MD  | 2017
Currently: Virginia Urology, Richmond, Virginia
Graduate: MD, 2011 (Medical University of South Carolina)

Jay Sulek, MD

Jay Sulek, MD  |  2017
Currently: Laparoscopic & Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship, (Indiana University)
Graduate: MD, 2011 (University of Maryland School of Medicine)

MaryEllen Dolat, MD

MaryEllen Dolat, MD  |  2016
Currently: Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, Virginia
Medical School: VCU School of Medicine

Shaoqing Zhou, MD

Shaoqing Zhou, MD  |  2016
Currently: Robotics & Endourology Fellowship, UNC-Chapel Hill
Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine

Albert Petrossian, MD

Albert Petrossian | 2015
Currently: California Urology, Lakewood CA
Medical School: VCU School of Medicine

Michael Byrne, MD Michael Byrne | 2014
Currently: Virginia Urology
Medical School:
VCU School of Medicine
Joseph Habibi, MD Joseph Habibi, MD | 2014
Currently: Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group
Medical School:
VCU School of Medicine
Sam Robinson, MD Sam Robinson | 2014
Currently: Urology Specialists of Georgia
Medical School:
Mercer University School of Medicine
Ashley King, MD Ashley King | 2013
Currently: Woodlands Medical Specialists, Pensacola, FL
Medical School:
VCU School of Medicine
Blake Moore, MD Blake Moore | 2013
Currently: Virginia Urology
Robotic Surgery Fellowship, Temple University
Medical School:
VCU School of Medicine
Cameron Wilson, MD Cameron Wilson | 2012
Current Practice: Sharp Grossmont Hospital, La Mesa, CA
Medical School:
VCU School of Medicine
Jeff Wolters, MD Jeff Wolters, MD | 2012
Current Practice: West Florida Hospital, Pensacola, FL
Medical School:
Tulane University School of Medicine
Corey Johnson, MD Corey Johnson, MD | 2011
Current Practice: Owensboro Health, Owensboro, KY
Medical School:
University of Kentucky School of Medicine
Aaron Stike, MD Aaron Stike, MD | 2011
Current Practice: West Texas Urology, Midland, TX
Medical School
: VCU School of Medicine
Clinton Collins, MD Clinton Collins, MD | 2010
Current Practice: Univ of Mississippi Division of Urology, Jackson, MS
Medical School:
University of Mississippi School of Medicine
Christopher Cost, MD Christopher Cost, MD | 2010
Current Practice: Boise VA Medical Center, Boise, ID
Medical School:
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Vernon Orton, MD Vernon Orton, MD | 2009
Current Practice: Bellingham Urology Group, Bellingham, Washington
Medical School: VCU School of Medicine
Fellowship: Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery, City of Hope Medical Center
Michael McManus, MD Michael McManus, MD | 2008
Current Practice: Private practice, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Medical School: Colorado School of Medicine
Post Residency: NIH Research Fellowship, VCU Medical Center
  Jeffrey Lou, MD | 2008
Current Practice: Urology Specialists of Virginia, Richmond, VA
Medical School:
VCU School of Medicine
  Tristan Berry, MD | 2007
Current Practice: Urological Assoc of Southern Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Medical School:
VCU School of Medicine
Post Residency: Laparoscopic Fellowship, East Virginia Sch of Med
  Paul G. Espy, MD | 2007
Medical School: Tulane University
Post Residency Plans: Private Practice, GA
  Michael Kleeman, DO | 2006
Current Practice: New York, NY
Fellowship: Renal Transplantation & Laparoscopy; Cleveland Clinic
  Joshua Perkel, MD | 2006
Current Practice: Macon, GA
  Michael Crone, MD | 2005
Current Practice: Travis Air Force Base, CA
  Terry Favazza, MD | 2005
Current Practice: Tuscon, AZ
  Ryan Barnes, MD | 2004
Current Practice: Richmond, VA
  Matthew DuMont, MD | 2004
Current Practice: Fredericksburg, VA
  John Edmondson, MD | 2003
Current Practice: Richmond, VA
Fellowship : General Urology, Monash Univ, Australia; Pediatric Urology, Childrens Memorial, Chicago, IL
  Steven Terranova, MD | 2003
Current Practice: Wilmington, DE
Fellowship : Endo-urology & Laparoscopy, Duke University, NC
  Vidal Despradel, MD | 2002
Current Practice: Anderson, SC
  Geoffrey Kostiner, MD | 2002
Current Practice: Newport News, VA
  H. Christopher Sigman , MD | 2001
Current Practice: Columbus, GA
  Anand Inamdar, MD | 2001
Current Practice: Cedar Falls, IA
  Badar Mian, MD | 2000
Current Practice: Albany Medical College, Albany, NY
Fellowship: Urologic Oncology, Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
  Kareem Zaki, MD | 2000
Current Practice: Galax, VA

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