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Research Faculty (alphabetical)

B. Mayer Grob, M.D.B. Mayer Grob, MD | Bio & Contact
Associate Professor of Surgery
VCU Division of Urology
Chief of Urology, McGuire VA Medical Center


Georgi Guruli, MD, PhDGeorgi Guruli, MD, PhD | Bio & Contact
Associate Professor of Surgery
VCU Division of Urology
Director of Urologic Oncology,
VCU Massey Cancer Center


Dr. Adam KlausnerAdam P. Klausner, MD | Bio & Contact
Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Urology
Director of Neurourology & Female Urology

Neurourology and Overactive Bladder
Dr. Klausner completed a research fellowship at UVA and continues laboratory work in this area. Specific projects have included the role of corticotropin releasing factor in detrusor overactivity, the role of antimuscarinics in plaque formation in animal models of Alzheimer disease, and the role of interstitial cells of cajal in pathogenesis of overactive bladder.

Paul Ratz, PhD Paul Ratz, PhD | Bio & Contact
Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Department of Biochemistry& Molecular Biology — Affiliated Program

Bladder Smooth Muscle Physiology
Dr. Ratz is a professor of biochemistry and pediatrics. He has two active NIH grants and conducts research on detrusor and vascular smooth muscle. Dr. Ratz has published extensively on calcium and intracellular signaling and on the molecular mechanisms responsible for generation of passive and active force. His work continues to shed light on the pathophysiology of overactive bladder and poor bladder compliance.

John Speich, PhD John Speich, PhD | Bio & Contact
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

VCU School of Engineering — Affiliated Program

Mechanical Properties of Bladder Muscle
Dr. Speich is an expert in adjustable passive stiffness (APS) in the urinary bladder and is currently working to develop a bio-mechanical model of lower urinary tract function and dysfunction. Dr. Speich is the recipient of a 2008-2010 Edwin Beer Fellowship in Urology and Urology-Related Fields from the New York Academy of Medicine to study stiffness regulation in the urinary bladder.

Research Team

Amy MinerAmy Miner


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updated: August 3, 2017